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Ace Stream project leads its activity within initiatives and at financial support of the European Union, dealing exclusively with the development of decentralised technologies and software for data communication in peer-to-peer (P2P) networks, for expansion of carrying opportunities of the Internet, granting opportunity to the Internet users to implement an effective data exchange and high-quality broadcasting, at significant decrease of expences to storage and delivery of data (on correlation to centralised technologies (unicast), as well as compared with other P2P technologies).

Ace Stream's copyright policy

The Ace Stream project does not retranslate or publish content!

Site, as well as our official applications do not contain and never contained video and audio content, and any other materials infringing copyrights.

Ace Stream respects rights of the owners of copyrights and publishers and requires from all users to accept the conditions of our user and licence agreement, in which there are requirements regarding copyrights. We expect that our users will observe taken up commitments and to satisfy conditions on use of our products, including observance of copyrights, of what it is clearly specified in the agreement. However we do not have technical possibility to control users of the applications and to hinder actions of infringers, because our software is a set of decentralised P2P-applications which are freely available and can be used without registration and creating user account in our system (on Ace Stream sites). This means that the main functionality of our applications does not depend on our central servers and does not require identification of the user. Therefore we cannot and should not bear responsibility for action of users who infringe our terms of agreement and rights of third parties.

At the same time some of our services allow registered users to publish materials on the pages of our sites. As well we do not exclude opportunity of non-authorised (hacker) access to our servers and cracking (modification) of our software, that possibly is the reason why are you visiting this page. Therefore, if you found on our sites materials infringing your copyrights, inform us about it and these materials will be removed.

We respect the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and operatively remove content after receiving a correct notice, if only we don't get the information that the content does not infringe copyrights.

The contents of materials of repeating infringers are removed, and their accounts are limited or entirely blocked.

If you are an exclusive legal owner or authorised agent of exclusive legal owner, and wish to inform of the content of materials on official Ace Stream sites, which, on your opinion, infringe your rights, please do it according to our procedures, which are comliant with DMCA. Please, use web-form given by us for notice of infringements, as other ways can delay processing of your complaint and execution of subsequent necessary actions.

However, pay attention that according to section 512 (f) any person who consciously deforms facts and puts forward untrue accusations of infringement of copyrights, should bear responsibility for damage. You should grant facts and to tell really whether published materials or applications infringe your copyrights, or “fair use" can be applied, for example, pursuant to 17 USC §107. If you are not sure that published applications or materials infringe your copyrights, do not do false claims!

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